Nightmare’s Music Video Premiere

Our team spent the past few months producing two music videos for the talented singer/songwriter Sierra Lauren. The first video “Nightmares” premiered today just in time for Halloween. Enjoy!

Startup Tips: You Need To Have A CRM Solution

One of the biggest problems that I’ve run into when working with small business owners is their failure to set up basic administrative systems. I’ve had partners in various past ventures who hated having to deal with any type of client tracking or CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solution. They opted instead to use a complicated system of Post-it® Notes, emails and text messages to track all their communication with their clients and customers. This inevitably leads to missed calls, miscommunication and more importantly, missed opportunities. It’s also a major time drain having to shuffle through piles of paper and scribbled notes in order to find that important number or detail that a client was asking about.

Like it or not, systems are what make things work efficiently. And as basic as you would think this sounds, not a lot of new business owners get this. They get caught up in the product or service that they’re selling and often overlook the process of tracking and managing their customer relationships. But a good CRM will streamline the process of managing your marketing and outreach and will save time, which translates into more revenue and bigger profits for your company.

My advice for anyone starting a business is to make sure that you have a solid CRM solution in place before you start selling. This will help you keep track of every detail of the client relationship, from the initial point of contact to the close and followup. A good CRM solution will sync with your preferred email client like GMail, Apple Mail or Outlook, and your email marketing software like Constant Contact or Mailchimp.

There are many CRMs available with different price points and varying capabilities. Our company uses Hubspot which syncs with our G Suite account and is free to use for companies that are just getting started. And of course it’s scalable and will grow as our company expands.

Our company’s needs may be different than yours, so before you make a final decision on which CRM to use, do a little research. Make sure that you can try it out for free before you commit. And most importantly, make sure it will scale with the growth of your business in the long term. With a solid CRM solution in place, your business has a better chance to run smoothly and efficiently for years to come.

Courtney LeMarco – CEO

What’s Next For Your Brand in 2017?

2016 was quite the year to remember. Political elections, a busy holiday season and a long list of projects that took our production team from midnight training scenarios with US Army Special Operations to sophisticated, celebrity filled fashion events with Neiman Marcus. We’re happy to reflect on a great year with all of our client partners, but we’re extremely excited for what’s coming in 2017.

This year TLG will be honing its focus and working to provide an entirely new family of services and opportunities to help our clients grow their businesses.

These services include Product Placement for Film & Television, Live Streaming Video with Digital Ad Integration and Celebrity & Influencer Brand Partnerships. Our new offerings are designed to provide an unparalleled level of visibility to brands and companies who are looking to expand their presence on a global scale.

Product Placement for Film & Television is becoming a better option for brands who want to reach a large, targeted audience. With Hollywood’s move to digital distribution on platforms like Netflix and Hulu, the thirty second commercial is becoming a relic of the past. Viewers these days have the option to skip most of these commercial or pay for subscriptions that eliminate commercials altogether. Product placement is now becoming the norm for companies of all sizes and is a great way for brands to embed their products into content without having to worry about losing visibility.

Live Streaming with Integrated Digital Advertising is one of the best ways to connect with an audience in real time. Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram now offer users the ability to stream directly to their fan base at any moment. We take it a step further by integrating sponsored advertising into the content to give companies an additional connection point for their brand.

Celebrity & Influencer Brand Partnerships can pair your brand with some of the most talented rising stars in digital media. Fans trust the brands and companies that their favorite entertainers endorse and often convert to loyal customers. Our experience and involvement in the industry has allowed us to forge strong relationships with well known, international television and online personalities with millions of individual followers.

This is just the tip of the iceberg in regards to what we’re rolling out in 2017. And we’ll be making more announcements in the coming months as our partnerships and capabilities grow.

To learn more about what we can do for your business please contact our Client Services department.

Neiman Marcus Make Some Noise

We had a blast at our recent event in Bellevue, WA with our partner Neiman Marcus and American Express.

Once again we had the privilege of adding our team’s production skills to the mix for the “Neiman Marcus – Make Some Noise” fashion show at their store located at The Shops at The Bravern.

The upscale event featured some of NM’s latest fashion trends and was hosted by a stellar panel of women including actress Megan Park (Central Intelligence, The Secret Life of the American Teenager), FOX MasterChef star Katie Dixon, fashion blogger Syndey Mintle and ELLE Magazine‘s Market Editor Jade Frampton.

You can take a look at some of the behind the scenes fun here:

TLG Music Publishing

Los Angeles – The LeMarco Group announced today the formation of its new music publishing company in partnership with ASCAP (American Society of Composers, Authors & Publishers). TLG Publishing will manage domestic and international publishing rights for artists signed under its artist/talent management and record label divisions.

The first commercial release under the new publishing company was released on Bandcamp by Seattle based recording artist Kellie Rose and will be available via iTunes, Apple Music, Tidal and Spotify on April 15, 2016.

This new venture gives TLG the ability to create and license quality audio content for commercial advertising, television and feature/independent films and provides an integrated service solution for clients with multitiered projects.

For additional information contact:
TLG’s Music Licensing Department or visit Dubious Entertainment.

Go “Behind The Scenes” and Connect With Us on Instagram

TLG is taking you behind the scenes of some of our creative projects with exclusive pics and curated video clips on our newly revamped Instagram feed. More importantly… We want to connect with you and see what you’re up to as well. So make sure you follow us and we’ll do the same.

A throwback to #bellevue #fashion #week. #vogue #magazine #washington #film #production #projects #modeling

A video posted by The LeMarco Group (@thelemarcogroup) on

Featured clip: Bellevue Fashion Week presented Vogue Magazine.

Fragile Storm – Official Trailer

A scared A scared young woman goes to extreme measures to escape the clutches of a terrifying older man only to realize the shocking and heartbreaking truth about why she’s really there.

Starring legendary Hollywood actor Lance Henriksen (Aliens, Millennium), Mackenzie Mason (Halo 4, Last Man Standing) and Jody Jaress (Hollywoodland). Directed by award-winning filmmaker Dawn Fields. Palm Street Films in association with Have Not Films.

52×52 Film Trailer

THE LEMARCO GROUP and LONDON TONE MUSIC in association with LONDON BRIDGE STUDIO presents 52X52 presented by CLIQVUE FILMS.

Executive Producer – Courtney LeMarco
Executive Producer – Jeffrey Ross
Producer – Geoff Ott
Producer – Jeff Heiman

Featuring music by:
Kim Virant
Lions Ambition
Neodea, Philana
Isaiah Dominguez
Jessica Lynne
Before Cars
Fractal Music Works
The Arborists
Smokey Brights
I’m With Amy
Old Bottle Black
Celeigh Chapman
Whitney Lyman
Kitt Bender
Eric Lilavois
Spyn Reset
Hello Kids
Jeremy Serwer
Comedy of Terrors
Rikk Beatty
Vacant Seas
Nolan Garrett
Jovine Santos Neto and Hans Teuber
KJ Sawka featuring LaMeduza
Shelby Earl
Danny Pentin
Amber Sweeney
In The Between
Austn Kolbe
Trica Ivarson
David and Olivia
The Ten Thousand
Strong Suit
Emily Homes
The Bellwether Ambassadors
Matt Jackson
Grown Up Avenger Stuff
Naomi Wachira
Celia Chavez
Tobias The Owl
Harmony’s Army
Susy Sun
Tayla Lynn
Martell Webster

The LeMarco Group:
London Tone Music:
London Bridge Studio:

All New Davinci Resolve Color Suite

davinci-resolveWe’ve stepped up our game in the post production department with an all new Davinci Resolve color suite. This latest addition to our creative arsenal gives us the ability to provide top level post production services for commercial and creative projects.

As more companies adjust their marketing strategies to include high quality, branded video content, we plan to stay ahead of the curve by incorporating high level, cost effective post production technology into our workflow.

Throughout 2015 TLG’s creative team is shifting its focus towards broad ranged marketing campaigns with integrated video in order to give our partners an edge on the competition. First to market plus better quality equals better results. And that improves the bottom line.

For more information on how TLG can help your company please contact our sales team today!